About Us

This project was inspired by most of the many crypoto databases out there but after a few beers We decided We wanted to put a twist on how We generate our keys. We created a secret formula to generate the crypto Keys. Just like many of the other databses out there this website contains all of the bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and ripple private keys in existance or that ever will be in existance.

What is 2^256

Take 5 minutes and learn a little bit about what 2^256 actually is and why it is secure. There are many videos on Youtube to help you understand too.

How do We Generate Keys

This project contains all of private Bitcoin Keys, Ethreum Keys, Litecoin Keys and Ripple Keys. These keys are loaded and checked on the fly with each page load. We use a secret formula to generate the keys at random as well as a structured check given the page number within the url of the laoded page.

What are your Auto Modes?

We decided to create some auto modes for our users for ease of use.

Our Auto Modes

What is My Key Basket?

Your Key Basket is a section of the site where all your data is stored and no registration required. We decided to create this section as it is essential to to access your found data when using our Auto Mode's.